Sunday, September 2, 2007

Unexpected Kindnesses

Right now our family and a friends' family are on the road to  New Hampshire.  While we were leaving lunch I hard this great story.

While in the bathroom one woman noticed another one with a breast pump, frustratingly trying to find an outlet to plug into.  For those without kids, a breast pump is this odd contraption women strap to their chests to understand what a milk cow feels like. 

The hard part is that if a nursing mother doesn't feed their child or use their pump things get, shall we say, clogged up.  So husbands need to happily provide a way for our wives to pump every two or three hours so we avoid avoid pain and suffering.  Thankfully you can buy plugs for both the wall and the car, for use during long trips.

Turns out the woman in the restroom either lost or didn't have a car plug for her pump.  This other woman saw the pump and quickly understood the issue.

What's pretty neat about the story though is that the woman overhearing the problem had the same pump.  She quickly went out to her car and got the car plug she uses for her pump and loaned it to this other woman for the rest of their trip, simply offering the plug and address to return the plug sometime later.

That's it.  Two travelers crossing in a Friendly's in Connecticut.  Miles from home and heading in random directions.  One recognized anothers' problem and gave something of their own to help.

I swear, the best thing about road trips are the opportunities to we have to see different things and really sacrifice for a stranger.  How often do I really offer more than condolences and understanding of someone else's problem?

The neatest part of the story?  My wife is the one to give up her car plug for her pump.  I always said I married well.



Miriam said...

Understanding the value of a perfect stranger loaning out a car plug for a breast pump to a needy mother on the road, I can attest that your wife is in deed an angel.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful story! Believe or not, I saw the ending coming before I got there. No suprise to me based on what you've shared about your wife already. We both know we married above our station, and God continues to bless us immensely through it. Thanks be to God! And Peace be with you and yours!