Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was talking to one of our teens whose recently gone off to college.  He asked how the current youth program was going and made the following comment:

I'll be interested to see how its going when I get back, it seems like a very evolutionary process currently.

He's right, it's incredibly evolutionary.  That got me thinking about life in general.  I essentially responded that these evolutionary processes are life.

It's all just one messed up thing after anther finally leads us to...  another messed up thing that more people like...  Which just goes on and on and on.  Eventually though, some day, you make one person happy or get one person to find Christ, and then it's all good.

So, enjoy this messed up moment of your life.  Eventually it will be long gone, replaced by some other messed up moment.  All leading you to your final life goal...  as messed up as it may be.


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