Friday, August 24, 2007

The Woman Who Has Everything

Erin, Colin and Rachel professional photo Today is Erin's birthday, so everyone should wish her a happy birthday.

Personally, I'm left with the same question I have every August and December.  What to get the woman who has everything.

Erin herself says she doesn't really want anything for her birthday.  Of course I recognize this as a clear statement that she has the best husband in the world, and could want for nothing more in this, or any, lifetime.

Being the best husband this universe has ever seen may seem pretty cool, there's a lot to live up to.  What sort of romantic gift does the best husband in this, and every, future get to outdo himself?  What could she possibly receive which will further help her recognize the sheer awesomeness of her beloved's gift to her?

So far I think I'll simply dedicate this blog post to her.  Finally a post specifically and entirely about her and her life.

Oh yeah, I may also mention her two great kids (though she'd say she has three, I have no idea where this third kid is, probably locked in the basement . . . or he should be).



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Happy Birthday Erin!! :)

And I hope Mr. Wonderful gives you something a little more tangible than a blog post.