Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who's Important?

I was reading over a comment from my great friend Cindy (how I missed her form the hero list, I have no idea) and had this horrible thought.

Why is it that the only people who comment on my blog are my friends?

Somehow I relegated my friends to some place where they weren't important.  I mean, if my blog was good then cool and important people (whom I've never met) would comment.

The truth is that my friends are incredibly important in their own right, and I could only wish to be as collected as they are.

I wonder how often we do this in life.  How often do we put our friends and people we care for on the back burner so that we can get acceptance from people we barely know.  When have you chosen to work late to impress the boss instead of heading out to happy hour to be with friends?

How often have you gone to a meeting you don't want to attend at church so that people know you're committed to their activity and blown off time with your family?  Heck, how often do you look at your blog statistics and hope you see people coming from farther away than your home state?

In our search for importance we forget what really makes up important.


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