Thursday, August 30, 2007


David Pogue writes a technology column for the NY Times.  While I don't read his blog every day, I do get the weekly e-mail with updates of new technologies (ok, toys) coming out with a brief review.  While some of the content may seem boring (why Camera X is better than Camera Y, he has a way of keeping it all fresh and interesting. 

I was laughing out loud (er, LOL) at this weeks post The Next Generation of Online Shorthand.  He suggests some new online shorthand items.  Some incredibly silly and useless like this:

12OF — twelve-o’clock flasher (refers to someone less than competent with technology, to the extent that every appliance in the house flashes “12:00″)

Then there are some really useful ones like:

WDO? - What are you Doing Online?

GI — Google it

WLF — with the lady friend

SML — send me the link

CYE — check your email

You definitely need to check out the whole list.  I could see myself using a bunch of these in casual conversation.  He even has a section for you iPhone users.

That's it, Tom (MBLO) signing off.


*MBLO - Much Better Looking Online

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