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Rachel Meets a Friend in the Forest

Rachel, Winnie and her daddy decided to go for a walk.

"Where do you want to go?" Asked her daddy?

"Back to the forest where the animals talk." Rachel replied.

"That sounds like fun, let's go!" daddy said.

So they headed off from the house.  They walked a long way.  Over hills and through valleys.

They walked for a very long time, but soon they came to the edge of the forest.  The trees were thick in front of them, and they could barely see in.

As soon as they stepped into the forest Winnie began to talk.  She said "Oh Rachel, I'm so glad I can talk to you again.  I love you so much, you're wonderful.  Thank you for coming back here."

Rachel smiled and gave Winnie a big hug.

They walked on through the forest, looking at all of the different animals.

A snake said "sssshhheeeloooo" as is slithered past on the ground.

A deer ran up and stopped in front of them.  It turned it's head and asked, "how are you doing today?"  Then it turned back and pranced off deeper into the forest.  Soon a mommy deer and a their baby doe ran along after the daddy deer.  They bounced through the forest with their white tails popped up behind them.

Rachel turned to her daddy and said, "I love this forest.  I wish I could live here."

"That's a great idea" her daddy said, "how could we make a house and live here?  We don't want to cut down any trees and ruin this beautiful forest.  How could we live here...  hmmm..."

Rachel had an idea.  "I know, we could get a lawn mower and cut the tall grass.  Then the animals would be able to eat it and make nests.  We could make our own nest to live in."

Rachel and her daddy got the lawn mower and began mowing down the tall grass.  They mowed this way and that way, back and for, back and forth.

They mowed over one spot and as soon as they went past from out of the ground popped Lydia!

Rachel turned and smiled at Lydia.  She asked, "Hi Lydia, where did you come from?"

Lydia stretched out and replied, "I found this forest and lay down in the tall grass.  Before I knew it I was fast asleep.  When you mowed near me it woke me up and I jumped up to see who was there."

Excitedly Rachel explained about the forest.

"This is the magical forest!"

"The magical forest?" Lydia asked.

Rachel quickly explained, "Yeah, this is a magical forest.  There are all kinds of animals living here and they can talk to us.  When I was here last time there was a big lion who let me ride his back, but it was just my daddy.  When we left the forest he turned back into daddy.  It's so much fun here, even Winnie can talk to us."

"Really?" Lydia asked.  "That's so cool!"

They all stood together began to walk through the forest. They came across an anteater with his nose in the ground eating ants.  He turned to them and gruffly said, "Nice day for eating ants.  Would you like to share some?"

Rachel and Lydia looked at each-other, thinking "Eww, eating ants is yucky" then turned back to the anteater and politely said, "no thank you."

"Suit yourself" the anteater grumbled.  "Have a nice day." and turned back to the anthill, sucking up and chomping happily at the ants.

They continued walking and soon saw a squirrel.  It called out "HiHowAreYouToday?MyName'sReepicheepWhat'sYours?I'mFineThankYou."

Lydia looked surprised and said, "What did you say?"

The squirrel replied, "ISaidHiHowAreYouToday?MyName'sReepicheepWhat'sYours?I'mFineThankYou."

Rachel asked, "Did you say Hi, How are you today?  My name's Reepicheep, what's yours?  I'm fine, thank you?"

Reepicheep the squirrel answered, "That'sWhatISaid. IDon'tKnowWhat'sSoHardToUnderstand.HaveAGoodDay."

With that Reepicheep bounded up a tree in search of more nuts.

Rachel's daddy turned to her and said, "I think it's time to head back home and have some dinner."

They began to walk toward home and Rachel asked, "It's a long walk home.  I wish there were another way we could go."

Soon two huge eagles glided down through the trees and landed right in front of them.  They had wings wider than Rachel and Lydia were tall.

The eagles leaned down their heads to the ground and said "hop on."

Lydia and Rachel climbed on one eagle while Rachel's daddy climbed on the other.  They flew straight up, up, up into the sky.  they soared high above the trees.

The wind blew against their hair as they glided through the sky.

The eagles landed gently in front of Rachel's house.  Winnie came bounding up beside them.

The eagles leapt back up into the sky while Rachel and Lydia waved goodbye shouting "Thank You for the ride".

They went inside and enjoyed a good dinner, changed for bed, brushed their teeth, read stories, had water (except for Lydia, who doesn't drink water before bed), sang songs, and headed off to sleep.


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