Friday, August 24, 2007

My Screwed-Up Head

Ok, here's how messed up my head is.  I came across this news article title Two-year-old punished in dryer.  My first thought was:

Punished?  My two year old would have thought that was fun!

I created this thought thread almost immediately and thought it was pretty funny.  It's entirely inappropriate, and would anger some people.  Heck, I could never use it in casual conversation.

I am convinced I have the brain of a comedian but seriously lack the timing or ability to take inappropriate thoughts and make them funny.

The ghetto water slide Or course, you are talking to the person who made a ghetto water slide in his back yard by running water down the 10 foot slide on her swing set (thankfully my intelligent wife at least convinced me to put the kiddie pool at the bottom).

I have to wonder though.  What other things would my kid think is fun until she actually followed through with them?Rachel smiling at the bottom of the water slide.

She absolutely loves to bonk her head on things.  She also likes knives and hammers.  I bet she'd think it was fun to bonk her head into a hammer (or is that the other way around).

Heck, she also loves holding and hugging her 4 month old brother Colin constantly.  But how much fun will it be when she hugs him so tight around the neck that his head just pops right off and rolls onto the floor?  I have to think there may be just a little emotional scarring there.

Ok, I've done this to death.  The father in the story is ridiculously stupid but, I actually do find it admirable that he was open and honest enough to admit what he was thinking, what he did, that he regrets it, and that he needs help.  He didn't blame anyone, and I think he truly cares for his daughter. 

Heck, how many times have I wanted to throw Rachel in the dryer when she has a tantrum?  Ok, none.  But that's not the point.

In this world where everyone has "legal counsel" and won't speak for fear of retribution, I admire some clear honesty and recognition of our own faults.

See, and I bet you didn't think there would be any kind of lesson in here at all.


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Cindy said...

I have to say - when I get a swing set, I'm stealing you idea. I thought it was great. Except for the whole freezing cold water coming out of the hose aspect....