Thursday, August 9, 2007

Monkeysoft Office

It's a light day because I'm insanely busy and exhausted from Vacation Bible School (check out the pictures from Flickr).  So I'm going to mention Monkeysoft Office.  I doubt I'd every buy this, but it's pretty darned funny.  I'll let David Pogue of the New York Times explain.

Monkeysoft Office Upgrade ($20, OK, I don't even know where to begin.


This kit includes software for a Windows PC, a foam caveman-style hatchet and a U.S.B. motion sensor.


You affix the U.S.B. sensor to the back of your monitor. Then, the next time your PC starts driving you crazy, you grab the mallet and start pounding your screen. SMASH! CRASH! SHATTER! With each pound, realistic sounds and animations make it look like you're breaking the glass of the screen.


And then, on the fourth smash, the glass shards fall away to reveal what's really causing your computer problems: a roomful of juvenile, out-of-control monkeys.


O.K., how does someone even come up with something like this.and who'd believe in a product like this enough to bring it to market?


Well, whatever. I'm just glad someone did, because it's hilarious.

A point to take away?  No matter what you may think of someone's idea, or even what you think of your own ideas, run with it.  It'll affect someone, and that's worth taking the risk, isn't it?


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