Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Magical Forest

Rachel took her dog Winnie on a walk.  They walked for a very, very, very long way away.  They walked past any area Rachel had ever been before, deep into a dense forest.

The trees surrounded them, reaching far up into the sky.  There were all kinds of animals all around her.  She saw squirrels and mice, cats and all kinds of birds.  She saw tigers and lions, leopards and cheetahs.  All kinds of animals were around them.

Rachel took one look at the lion and shook a bit, scared of what it might do to her.  The lion slowly walked over to her and gave her a big, slobbery lick on her cheek.  Then the lion grumbled and growled, grrred and garuffed.  Rachel jumped back, scared.

Then, in a low, whispery voice, the lion spoke.  It said to Rachel "Grrruh'm sorry if I scared you.  I was shhhlimply trying to say hello."

"You can talk!" Rachel screamed at the lion.

Then her dog Winnie barked and called out "We can all talk here.  Thank you for the walk, and bringing us to this wonderful place.  I love you very much."

Rachel responded, "I love you too".

She petted Winnie's neck, then headed over to the lion.  She gave it a big hug and swung her leg over his back.

The lion grrummbbled and began to run.  They ran faster and faster with the trees whizzing past.  Soon the lion began to leap up into the air.  It bounced a few times, then leapt up onto the trees and up out into the sky.  They were flying high above the tree tops with the forest whizzing beneath them.

While they were flying the lion's thick paws began to get smaller.  His big, string legs shrank down, smaller and smaller.  His back got more thin and the hair began to fall away.  His big head and huge mouth began to shrink more and more.

Soon Rachel looked down and saw that she was riding on her daddy's back!

They swooped down out of the sky and landed softly on the ground.  Winnie came bounding out of the forest after them.

Rachel climbed off her dad's back and gave Winnie a big hug.  Winnie barked back at her with a huff, haruff, arrooo, humph.  Rachel wasn't able to understand her of any of the animals since she left the forest.

They walked home, with Rachel holding Winnie's leash.  That night they shared the story over dinner, brushed their teeth, read stories, said prayers, and cuddled right before drifting off to sleep.

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