Sunday, August 12, 2007

Amazing People

Jodie Leach at VBS I was thinking about my friend Jodie just a minute ago and realized that some people just consistently amaze me.  If you need something done incredibly well and you don't want to have to follow-up at all, Jodie is your person.  She's about the most detail and process oriented person I know.

This isn't what amazes me.  I mean, simply being able to do something extraordinarily well that I suck at isn't that impressive.  If I went by that criteria the entire world would be full of amazing people and I'd never get any sleep from dwelling on how these amazing people make me look useless.

No, what amazes me about Jodie is her ability creatively take everything into consideration.

Specifically, I was opening up one of my two gift bags for volunteering at Vacation Bible School, which she organized.  In it is an Old Dominion Root Beer bottle.  This goes right along with the theme of VBS, Avalanche Ranch.

I consider myself to be moderately creative.  But while I'll run around Michael's and Five Below to find things which match the theme, it would never have occurred to me to get Root Beer.

don't even get me started on the absolutely incredible Halloween costumes she puts together for her kids.  Maddie was an M&M one year, and you'd have thought she bought it directly from those animated M&M characters.

This creatively and thoughtfulness comes so naturally to Jodie that she doesn't even recognize she has this gift.  Come to think of it, most of the best teacher's I've met in the past few years have this ingrained, creative, flexible, think-outside-the-box mentality.

I think about Jodie and others a lot because I often ask myself this simple question.

What am I so good at that I don't even know I'm good at it?

What about you?


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Missa said...

Hey Mad went to a VBS doing Avalanche Ranch! She didn't like it, she kept complaing of the "cowboys" LOL!