Saturday, July 7, 2007

Vision Practicality

Connected I was talking to my friend Mason last night after watching Transformers (definitely worth seeing in the theater) and we somehow got to talking about my previous post about Visions of the Empty Church.  I'm not even sure he realizes it or not, but one of Mason's great gifts is the ability to take a purpose or vision and come up with practical solutions to make it a reality.

We began the conversation about how there's no way to really make money from my previous thoughts on bringing technology to churches.  He then proceeded to come up with a couple of ways to make the service succeed.  Among the ideas were:

  • Providing advice/reviews of products for free for people to implement such as Drupl, MOSS, Google docs, etc.  (I wonder is this could be done as a blog)
  • Offer organized collaboration to connect churches and let them communicate online to discuss items, possibly in forums or some other collaboration software.
  • Come in and give technical advice for a fee (this is the only thing which would make money)

It may not make a billion dollars, but I wonder if it needs to.  Personally I'm fine making nothing so long as we find some way to connect churches with each-other and with those seeking God.

Most things, once I write them down, move happily out of my head.  For some reason this thing isn't following suit.  I guess we'll see where it all goes.


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