Saturday, July 21, 2007


The Way You See the Problem Is The ProblemRecently I've been thinking about the problems in my life.  My cell phone was randomly turning off and I began thinking about an upgrade.  I'm going to be driving much farther each week for class and could use a car with better mileage.  Or the constant struggle we have getting Rachel to bed at night.

Today I was reminded yet again that 99.9% of the world would wish they had my problems.

There's a man I talked to for a while during lunch who is going through a very hard separation and only wants what's best for his wife and daughter.  Then there are those people who don't have a home, much less a car to have a problem with.  Or the couple who wishes they could even have a daughter, regardless of whether she'd sleep well.

I wonder what other problems I think I have that are really only problems because I let them.

What problems do you have to let go of?


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