Tuesday, July 17, 2007


No one took me up on my offer of checking out the 7-Eleven turned Kwik-E-Mart in Maryland after my previous post.  Thankfully there are more people in the world than read my blog.  So tonight at 9 we headed out to the Kwik-E-Mart about an hour away.

This really is what I love about churches and the community which forms.  Here are a bunch of people who have stuff to do tomorrow but decide after 1 second of deliberation, if that, to get in the car and check out the Kwik-E-Mart advertising the Simpson's movie.

After a car ride over watching my brother on Judge Joe Brown (apparently he has a TON of my mannerisms according to the teens), talking about gay porn (no so much talking as just shouting out the term randomly), talking about movies and God knows what else, we got to the store.

Believe it or not, the place was pretty busy.  There was a long line of people checking out with an incredibly frazzled yet also incredibly kind and considerate woman checking us out (we even got to meet her son, he was just in front of us in line... Looked nothing like her).

There are a bunch of pictures up on Flickr.

My point of it all?  There is absolutely no point.  It was an awesome night of being impulsive, driving 2 hours to spend 15 minutes in a 7-Eleven, singing horribly, joking and creating memories that will last forever.  Man I'm going to miss these guys.

Sometimes life happens when you least expect it.  How are you stepping out and being crazy?

Oh yeah, and I am now the proud owner of a case of Buzz Cola...  It's pretty gross.


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