Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've been listening to the Grammar Girl podcast for a couple of months now, and I highly recommend it.  Turns out I was apparently educated well since I follow almost all of the grammar suggestions she has without really thinking about it.  While I rarely use ellipses, turns out I've been using them incorrectly, they need a space before and after and should correctly be written . . .  I'm also not so great with semicolons.

In any case, Erin and I are now listening to the podcast on the way into work and I think she likes it as much as I do; as evidenced by the fact that she actually stayed awake all the way into work.

InterabangThere were some great things in the episodes we heard today.   We heard about spoonerisms and a whole bunch of other things.  But one what struck home and got me incredibly excited was the interabang (interrobang is a variant)‽

What is it you ask?  I used to like to be surprised or questions and say something like, "What were you thinking?!?!?"  Now I've been educated.  First because the question mark goes within the quotes in my earlier sentence, but more importantly that I should NOT be using ?!?!? 

It's interabang time!

Expect to see it peppered throughout future posts, I love the English language.



Cindy said...

How did you find this website? Pretty cool. I'll be checking out the other Quick and Dirty pages.

Tom said...

I actually found it from just perusing the Podcast section in iTunes. It's a great podcast directory and it's really easy to subscribe to podcasts, though not as easy to move to my MP3 player as Yahoo! Music is.