Thursday, June 28, 2007

What If...

I really like Michael's 30 year idea.  Here's the key point.

What if, at the end of 30 years, our bylaws called for everything to be sold, divided up, and given to 5 new church plants.  Growth by explosion.

Michael is an incredible leader who has revived life in a small town through church at the movies.  some day I'm hoping to buy the ticket to Georgia and check them out in person.

In any case, the idea of giving a church (not the church, but a single church) a life-span is a fascinating one.  While Michael gives the example of whether or not to build a church building, I think it will also directly impact everything in the church.

Roles and needs will be much clearer because you have a vision with a set end.  You even have a vision for the people after that "death date" happens.

When someone asks for a volunteer to help with Sunday school, people are going to be more willing to volunteer since they know they can't wait...  The end is near!

I just wanted to share that vision, since I am so in love with creating visions for teams, ministries, work, teams and, especially, myself.


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