Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Pony

My friend Melissa was perusing our Flickr photos (you know she's a good friend if she peruses your photos without prompting) and came across this photo.

2007-06-03 Rachel Riding Horse 012

She sent me this question.

Why did you have a horse in your back yard??!!!??? Are you that far out in the country that he stumbled upon your property? LOL!

So I thought I'd let the world know. Here was my response.

Turns out, a few weeks after moving into our house there was a pony in our back yard. It was kind of weird, so we posted signs for a missing pony. No one called and we eventually decided that it must have been something they gave to all the new homeowners in the community (we were one of the first houses completed on our street).

After a few months went by, the pony was great. He was eating the weeds in the back yard and Erin and I got to enjoy periodic pony rides.

At this point it was obvious none of our other neighbors were getting ponies of their own. We first thought "suckers"! We then decided that we couldn't give our beautiful white pony up, and named her Tinkerbell. She was just too dear to our hearts.

We decided that the winters were a bit harsh here in VA, and after the first winter of dragging the pony up and down the steps to keep her warm in the basement she needed another home. So we put up the shed in our back yard.

She's become so much a part of our family we barely mention her, like we don't talk about our poodle Rika much. Rachel loves to take a ride every now and again.

Well, it's either that or that our awesome next door neighbors had a traveling petting zoo come to their place for their kids' birthday party, and with the group were ponies. So they invited us over and Rachel loved the rides.

Take your pick, I prefer the first, slightly embellished, version.




Cindy said...

I saw those pictures too, and just assumed you went to a petting zoo at someone's house.

Are you HOA fees more since you have a traveling pony? :)

Tom said...

Man, maybe the pony is why my HOA fees are $300 a month.

Anonymous said...

Must be a s l o w blogging week, LOL!!!!

-Missa (one who perues your photos)