Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Visit to the Zoo

Note: The following story is based on actual events. Meaning we actually did go to the zoo today and see all the animals mentioned.

Remember when we went to the zoo the other day? We saw pandas and elephants, a hippopotamus and gorillas. We saw lions, tigers and flamingos. We saw all kinds of animals.

I remember when we got to the lions and you asked "daddy, can I pet the lions?"

I said "No, they may hurt you and we want to keep you safe."

Just then one of the lions turned to us and said "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I love when people come and pet my coat. It's great to sit and talk with people."

You turned to me and asked again, "daddy, the lion says it's ok. Can't I go pet them?"

"Well, if the lion says it's ok, then it's probably safe" I responded.

You jumped right into the lion pit and landed right into the water.

The lion jumped right in after you. She grabbed the back of your shirt and swam you out of the water and onto the ground. You went right over and began petting the lion.

She lay down beside you and you cuddled up in her fur, just petting her. Soon she began telling you about the zoo.

The lion told you about all of her friends at the zoo. She told you all of the animals in the zoo got to play and be friends together.

She also told you that she was a mommy lion. She had two children. One of them was in the pen with them. He was even bigger than you are.

The lioness also told you about the zoo after the sun goes down at night. She told you that at night the zoo is opened up for the animals and they can go anywhere.

The lions jump over to be with the tigers. They all sing, talk, growl and ROAR together.

They even run around racing each other. Sometimes the cheetahs will run down from the other side of the zoo and race with the lions and tigers. They are really, really fast.

The Orangutans get to climb up on all of the trees. They go way up and swing on the really high branches of trees.

Sometimes they even let the flamingo's grab onto their backs with their legs and funny knees. Then they swing from the trees and the beams way up high in the air.

The bird will also fly all over the zoo, zipping from one side to another.

The whole zoo has a great big party. Every night they have a lot of fun and enjoy playing all night long.

When the lioness had finished her story you got up and swam back out into the water. You climbed up the wall and gave me a great big hug.

Remember when you asked me if you could stay around and see the animals at night?

I told you that we couldn't, we needed to get home for dinner and head off to bed.

It was a really fun day at the zoo, wasn't it?



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