Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Mess of Love

I was having lunch with a good friend yesterday and we got on the topic of Christ's vision for our lives.  I entirely believe that Christ's sacrifice and hope for each of us is that we will love each other.  That we'll love others so completely that we become a tiny example of the unconditional love He has for each of us.  In every thing we do we need to be asking ourselves whether this action is done in love for another person.

As I was driving around today I got to thinking some more about that.  I was wondering if everything we do in love is good.  I realized that as individuals we can really make a mess of love.

The first thought that came to my mind was being sexually abused while growing up.  Here was a guy who, I have come to see, believed that he loved me.  He connected with me as a friend and let that love grow, and get perverted, as I grew up.

The key then isn't in simply loving people as we see fit.  It's in loving people as Christ loves us.

This isn't the love that regards the physical at all.  It isn't the love that even regards the mental at all.  It means nothing whether you are smart or stupid, attractive or ugly.  It's a platonic love that focuses entirely on loving the individual as a fellow human being.

So what if someone is homosexual, Muslim or a jackass to everyone.  Heck, Jesus even comes to save the murderers and evildoers, so long as they accept His love.

We can certainly do a bunch of messed up stuff and believe we are doing it in love.  We could even ridicule people, thinking that we are helping them grow by encouraging change.  Yeah, I've sure made a mess of love in the past.  I continue to do it with people I have a hard time getting along with.

When it comes to purpose though, I love that it is completely clear.  I am here to love you and every other person on this planet.

Now that we have our purpose, what changes are needed so that your purpose becomes your reality?


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