Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Melissa Shout Out

The first person I met in college was my friend Melissa. We were sitting together during our first orientation and had to introduce ourselves to the person beside us. We immediately hit it off and she's since become one of my most dear friends.

She's quick to laugh, loves to tell stories, great to party with (oh man, did we party at the clubs and it's in a bar she met her husband) and LOVES the 80's. She seriously more an 80's fan than I am or even my hair stylist Jodie (and Jodie knows everything about the 80's).

She stuck by me all through college, from day one through my relationships and being the "5th floor whore", ditching her for girlfriends and whatever else. I will never forget leaving my girlfriend Chris' house in Connecticut in wracking sobs and driving straight to her house in New Jersey for some simple care and support. Even when I made the mistake of dating her friend Jen (it would have been better if I dated her better friend Amy, Jen's older sister) Melissa was there.

So, now that you've heard a couple of my ridiculous mistakes in life and how awesome Meliss has been through it all, I'm sure you'll want to hear her thoughts of life.

Yeah, turns out she just started a blog! While she threw away every single one of my suggestions for a title, I guess I can stick by her for a little bit longer. I fully expect this will be about her experiences as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM, a title SAHM's all around the world should change since it reads SHAM), but she is also an incredibly accomplished interior designer and architect. If nothing else her stories about the world should be pretty interesting.

Definitely check her out.



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Missa said...

Just so everyone knows, I'm the one in the purple shirt, not the guy u front with the beard!!!! ya know that commercial about "dad not being a horse's a@$" since that is the only portino of the photo tha tis in focus...well get my drift, LOL!!!