Friday, June 1, 2007

The Mean Reds

Anyone know what that title refers to? One of the first "old time" movies I fell in love with, and still one I wish were in my DVD collection. Seriously, if I were, oh, a gagillion years younger, she'd be my wife right now.

I mentioned that I've been away from blogging for about a week, but never said why. I actually had surgery a bit over a week ago to have skin grafted from my skull onto my ear drum. Yeah, it was kind of cool; half of my ear drum was missing so, to make sure my hearing didn't get worse, they peeled back my ear, added skin, and sewed me back up. Erin wished she could watch, I so wish I had pictures. But I digress.

With both outpatient surgeries, it's taken me quite a while to get back on my feet. Maybe I'm just a wuss for pain, but over a week later I'm still in pain from my stitches and I'm completely exhausted. It's all I can do to stay awake and work a little bit.

The other problem though that seems to come up with significant amounts of drugs and being cooped up at home is that I seem to get introspective and brooding. Thankfully this hasn't led to the mean reds, but it sure has brought on the blues. It gets me incredibly open to allowing any sort of life change and wondering whether this life I lead is all that it really can be.

I've decided to keep myself off the Net during my drugged up stupor because my writing barely makes sense, but also because I don't want to subject everyone to my moody blues.

So, I'm feeling much better. Time with some church folks and serious talks with my wife always make me feel better. No idea how I've gotten so blessed, but it sure is great.

On the selfish note, prayers for Erin and me are always welcome.




Anonymous said...

T2, I'd noted your 'awayness' and had missed hearing from you. I hold you and all the other seekers from our weekend up in prayer regularly, but wasn't aware of this surgery. It sounds kinda cool and I hope you're well on the mend, and getting back on your feet. I'll pray for your continued recuperation. Be well and stay in touch, SS

Cindy said...

*HUGS* to you. I'm a super dork and check the blogs I keep up with once a day. Not that I update my with any regularity.