Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've begun reading through Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur.  One of the things he mentions is that after the apostles fully understand and accept Jesus does he give them the miraculous power of healing.

It's certainly true, all over the New Testament are the apostles going around healing people all willy nilly.

Healing is incredibly powerful.  Look at us today, we live pretty much forever.  With the current state of medical science and availability of drugs there are very few illnesses which will result in death.  Way back when this certainly wasn't the case.

People died of the common cold.  Lepers were just running rampant.  Having any sort of malady meant you couldn't work and people hated being near you.  Today we have those cute masks to strap around our heads.

Having the power to physically heal someone meant their lives were completely changed.  Opportunities came up which couldn't even be dreamt of before, like being employed, finding a wife, having a family.  By understanding the gift being offered these people were able to do more in the world than anyone, even themselves, thought possible.

Today we don't have the power to heal people on sight.  It'd be great to walk up to someone and say, arise and walk to some of our wounded soldiers and see how they go forth and change our world. 

Instead we're given the ability to heal broken hearts, broken lives, broken relationships and broken minds.  Every one of us are given this gift, not simply the twelve apostles.

Our healing ability dwells in the emotional and mental far more than the physical.  We perform this healing through sharing the love Christ feels for us with everyone.  We love those that abuse, we accept those that hurt and we support those in need.

While we offer lots and lots of physical support for individuals, I really see that every one of us are hurting emotionally far more than any physical ailments we may have.  This is true now just as it was in Christ's time.

What do you think?


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