Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Feelings Exactly

What possesses someone to take a good show, end the season in January and not have a new episode until 2008? It's a good thing I have TiVo of I'd likely miss a bunch of episodes when it comes back. I really wonder what will happen to the ratings when they come back.

This is a perfect example of continuing to remain consistent so that people stay in the habit.

Peace (if it can be called peace… a year with no new Battlestars, he, he),



Jess said...

haha, that comic's great. I screamed at the TV when they said the show wasn't returning until 2008... that's an eternity away, I'll be done with school before then. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to find other ways to spend our time until then.

Cindy said...

We're catching up on this season. We just got to the trial. So, maybe I should stretch it out a little longer so I can make it until 2008.

Lost is doing the same thing - starting back up in 2008. I guess it costs so much and takes so much time to produce a one hour drama, that to do 20 episodes all together it take s alot of time.

Pretty soon, the new tv viewing season will be February - May!