Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I've been reading Rachel & Leah: Women of Genesis by Orson Scott Card. In it there's this conversation between Leah and a servant girl, Zilpah:

"I'm always happy," said Zilpah

"That's ridiculous," said Leah scornfully. "Nobody's always happy."

"I am."

"You have nothing to be happy about," said Leah. The girl was fatherless! She had no hope of a decent marriage.

"True," said Zilpah, "but I have dreams that make me happy. And besides, I don't have to have a reason. Being sad or angry won't make my situation any better, so I might as well be happy."

"You can't just decide to be happy."

"Why not? You decide to be angry whenever you want."

This reminded me of high school. It took a big of doing, but with the help of friends I convinced myself that I was worth a lot, that I was upbeat and someone who would be a great friend. Soon enough that decision became my reality.

Today I began thinking about the choices I make regarding my feelings and opinions. Any time I began to be irritated or frustrated I said "I choose to smile about this." Another time I saw another car I'd considered which would get me better gas mileage and simply said "I choose to be happy with the car I have." My whole day has lightened and I'm finding that the things which used to irritate me just fell away. I felt in control of every aspect of life.

I guess the question is this.

Since we walk together with God, how do you choose to react to the world around you?

How do you choose to feel?



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