Saturday, May 5, 2007

Blog Backups

I am a HUGE fan of backing stuff up. For example, I have Mozy installed on all our PC's, so it backs everything up in pretty much real time (Carbonite was good, but I wanted something that would back up every file on my PC, and it won't do that). I also back up all our pictures to DVD every few months. I also put all my pictures on flickr as a final backup and so friends and family can see what I have.

So, imagine my excitement to find out there's Blog Backup Online a free service (up to 50 MB, which is a TON when it only backs up text) out there that will back up my blogs. I only have one active, but there are two others I'd love to have stored some place other than Blogger and Wordpress. Speaking of which, anyone know how I can import my old blog posts into Blogger? This is possible in Wordpress, so have to think there's a tool which will do it for me somewhere.

I've just now started using it, and so far I'm really impressed. It was so easy to pick a blog (really you can back up any blog) and start a full backup (daily backups happen be default). Then I went to the dashboard and added my other inactive blogs (and set them to not back up daily). What I love is the amount of control I get and how simple this is.

Currently every blog post I've written over the past two years is in a Word file on my desktop. It's a pain to make sure the Word file and the blog post match, plus all that older stuff I don't have locally. Here it's a simple thing to put in our blog and it does all the work. Crazy sweet and I definitely recommend any of you blog writers out there try it out.



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