Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Were They Thinking?

Sometimes I just see stuff that brings me out of my own life and gets me thinking. I just have to wonder what was going through their heads. I wish I'd had a camera to really capture those moments.

Going down Rt. 7 in Sterling there's a stretch of grass dividing the lanes. So you have 3 lanes of busy traffic, a grassy stretch, then another 3 lanes of traffic. If you aren't familiar with the area, it's pretty busy with cars whizzing past.

In the middle of all these cars and hustle is one couple, standing in the median, looking at each-other and holding hands. Two people in their own island of tranquility, with the fast life surrounding them in front and behind.

They may have been talking about how great their lives are or one may be telling the other that the relationship has to end. They may be living the rest of their lives together, enjoying the comfort of one-another, or they may be giving up and getting ready to jump in front of traffic together and end it all.

I prefer thinking that this is a couple who has had a few years together and is looking forward to a long future where, every day, they can hold hands and be a spot of peace for one-another in an otherwise hectic life.

Then there were the dog walkers.

On the side of the road I passed a woman in a three piece, immaculate suit walking a small, prim dog and holding one hand across her belly in a very regal form. She was the absolute epitome of middle-aged grace and high living.

Having just past this high class woman was a couple well into retirement. They walked a husky in jeans and sweat shirts.

What was this couple thinking as they passed the up-scale socialite? What was the socialite thinking as she passed the older, contented couple?

Did they nod at each-other in understanding that through their different positions in life they share a common love of dogs? Was the wife reminded of her own youth while the socialite hopeful of what her life will become?

I love days like this.



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