Friday, April 13, 2007

Heard in My Life

Here is one thing I heard tonight at the FCA meeting… From a teenager (and yes, he was talking to me).

Hey kid, what's your name?

I really do still look 16 I guess. Though my body sure doesn't agree right now.

And in our house recently.

Tom: Colin's eyes look like...

Erin: An Alien?

Tom: Haha, they do! But I was going to say that psychotic Betazed on Voyager who was killing people until Tuvok's mind meld and he later saved the ship… Ensign Suitor I think.

As a bit of explanation, when we mean Colin looks like an alien, I don't mean he's all green with a big head. But man, if you look at his eyes, they are just pitch black. That along with the wrinkled eyes and wrinkly face… We definitely have an alien on our hands. Back to the DNA test lab again!

I kind of like these. What seems to be said in my life shows just how ridiculous it is. Man I'm blessed.



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