Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Heard in the Leary Family Today

Today we brought Colin home. He's doing great! He's lost a bit of weight and was at 5 lbs. 10 oz. (losing about 8 ounces). They aren't too worried, but we'll be going to the pediatrician a day early. He's eating awesomely now, and I have to say I expect breastfeeding to rock (since I can't do it overnight, I get to sleep…

Anyway, here are some things heard around the house today.

Daddy: Baby Colin is going to come home with us today. He's going to be with us forever.

Rachel: Forever?... … … Oh.

Or, as Rachel was in her rocking chair:

Grandma Candy: Has Rachel ever rocked so hard she's fallen backward?

Erin: Nope.


Rachel goes falling backward in the chair. Don't worry though, she hopped right back up and rocked so hard she almost did it again.

Then there was:

Daddy: This morning Winnie went into Rachel's room and woke her up at 6:30.

Mom: Ugh.

Daddy: I can't wait until Rachel can turn the knob and leave the room, so we can close it at night and not have this problem.

… 7 hours later …

Erin: Rachel, stop screaming, go have a time out in your room!

Lots of screaming ensues until to door is closed tight.

Erin: Hey, how did you get out of your room? Did you open that door yourself?

Rachel: Nods

All around, be careful what you wish for.

Then my favorite (though it began yesterday instead of today).

Mommy: You've held Colin for a while; can Grandpa Ed have a turn?

Rachel: Ok.

Grandpa Ed: Thank you.

10 seconds (at most) later

Rachel: Ok, my turn again.

I know there were more I missed. But these were certainly the most fun. I have the best daughter EVER!



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Miriam said...

You are correct, you can't breastfeed. Just remember you can burp, soothe, swaddle, and change diapers ..... even at 2am. And don't forget fetching a glass of water for mom. :-)

Missa said...

Aww, so cute that Rachel loves her little itty bitty bro!