Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Days

Today has been one of those incredibly great days you remember for a very long time. This was one of those days where you get to see God working in the details. To be fair, yesterday God was sure working the details. Colin coming into the world was a miracle I'll never forget. Today was an awesome follow-on to that.

Without going into too many details, a friend of my brothers' failed to pay rent, took $4,000 (this goes back to my surprise that you can cancel a certified check months later), neglected to pay back a loan and (possibly) stole from him. Being in the hole a bit we had no idea where help was going to come from. So…

Jim won his court case. A friend of his convinced him to sue Aaron for the money they never paid him in rent and the loan they never paid back. He went onto the show Judge Joe Brown, and apparently Aaron and his girlfriend made complete asses of themselves (thankfully I can finally say asses without Rachel overhearing me). Apparently the judge was laughing derisively at Aaron and his girlfriend, something I knew would make James feel better. They also tried to counter sue him for defamation of character and checks they said Jim received. The judge threw all of that out and they can never again sue James, a HUGE relief all around. Talk about some safe closure to make sure Aaron doesn't try to retaliate in some way.

In any case, I'm reading in Titus about anger and being quarrelsome and how we should turn the other cheek. At the same time I can't tell you how great it is to see justice finally done. Jim finally has some money to pay back the $4,000 and, more important than anything else, he has some happiness and hope. He has hope that he'll get the bill paid off, and happiness that after everything he did for Aaron someone recognized his sacrifices.

I can't wait to TiVo that in a few months.

Above avoiding quarrelsome people though, at the beginning of Titus it mentions, "Remind the people to respect the government and be law-abiding, always ready to lend a helping hand." Jim did lend a helping hand, and it got slapped. He obeyed the law and followed with the procedures, even when most of his body was turned completely to anger and he was ready to retaliate physically.

I know suing wasn't the action Jesus would have taken. But for someone who seems to have nothing but bad luck lately, this is the helping hand Jesus and God have lent him… And I'm so grateful for that. Hope is one of the best gifts we really can give to someone, close on the heels to the ultimate gift of His Love.

On top of it all, Colin began eating today! He wasn't eating at all after the first feeding. I was pretty nervous there, since it was almost a repeat of when we had Rachel (who never did very well breast feeding). Thankfully everything is going well now. Early this afternoon he began eating, and now he's doing much better than Rachel ever did. It was a HUGE weight off of both Erin and my minds.

It's been an awesome day all around.



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