Monday, April 2, 2007

Colin’s Here

For real this time!

I have called (almost) everyone on my calling tree. Next on my list was Jess, but then my phone died (sorry Jess, but it keeps with the tradition of learning about the baby from the blog). To make it up to you, we'll give you final naming rights… Well, not really.

So, here are all the details!

  • Born around 4:10 (none of us are completely sure of the exact time.
  • 6 pounds 1 ounce (btw, I won a bet on this, the OBGYN guessed 6 ½ lbs, Erin guessed 6lbs. 11oz. I guessed 6lbs. 6oz. Gutsy I know, guessing a size smaller than the birth mother's guess).
  • 19 inches (no bets in this case, I guess everyone was afraid I'd put them to shame again).

Beyond that, we are all very, very well. Erin was laughing and chatting afterward. Colin is eating semi-well (better than Rachel, but that's not saying much). Rachel came and couldn't get enough of holding Colin. She would "share" and let a family member who hadn't held her yet get Colin. Then, 10 seconds (at most) later would say "ok, my turn!" It was awesome.

Truly, it was a great day. Took longer than expected, but the nurses were great, doctor was great, family was great and Erin was just amazing.

In case you want to send gifts, send chocolate to the nurses' station at Loudoun hospital. They hooked us up with a corner suite after I sheepishly asked for the best room in the place, they changed our rooms. Awesome staff at the Birthing Inn at Loudoun Hospital.

I'm uploading the 115 pictures (I kid you not) of the day. I'll link to them in the morning once all are up and filed accordingly.

Now I'm back to the hospital for a bit to help with feeding.

Peace… And thanks for all your prayers,


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Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome! I'm so happy to hear about your baby!

- Lucy